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What is our job? Our job is to tell stories “without losing ourselves in wasted thoughts, giving room for feelings and details”, like the poet taught us. Subconsciously, we like to think of ourselves as pioneers of photography: craftsmen of communication. Therefore, in our archive you will not be able to find millions of images, but photographs, moments that have known how to sincerely stimulate us, moving away from the affluence of the media of our times to speak to the minds and hearts of the people who want to listen, but even to those who pretend not to listen.
Quasar Photo’s logo is an arch formed by five red spheres which grow larger progressively. The arch is a metaphor of life, that we consider to be an unpredictable experience like a flash which finds its way. The growing five spheres represents the five senses, forming knowledge that is never omniscience, but is in continuous evolution.

If you ask us the motivations of the color of the spheres, we could tell you that red is the color of romantic love, it is a presage of good luck, it is the color of life, it was and maybe it still is an idea that has troubled various souls.


A yawn is a silent shout.

G.K. Chesterton

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